I’m blessed to be a 3rd generation Sonoma County native, surrounded by never-ending opportunities to explore, photograph, and enjoy the beauty of this area we call home.  For over thirty years, my passion is and has been expressing myself through the medium  of photography. At the age of twenty-three is when I first saw an image from a 35mm camera and was hooked.  I purchased my first camera as soon as I could save enough money. I loved how there was no end to what you could learn and most important how I could express the artist inside.  From film to the digital age, so much has changed. One of the wonderful things is with tools like Photoshop and more, I have the ability to take what was real and transform it into a work of art or how I prefer to describe it “A Work Of Mark”.  With my all my images, I work from the heart, capturing what I’m feeling at the precise moment through my lens. Then, utilizing a number of techniques and creativity, I push past the original photo to create something special that gives a more impressionistic  effect. My hope is to share with you a part of what I see as beautiful in the world. Enjoy your time here exploring my site. *Please contact me directly for additional information or questions you may have, regarding purchasing images and what Medium Options, Size Options are available including price.  **Too see more of my work go to my Flickr sharing page----
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