“These pieces below have been priced especially for  Home Sales  (for more information call or email me using the “Contact” tab on this site).  
Oaks & Rows 16x20 on canvas Painted Grapes 8x10 on canvas Rainbow Chardonnay 10x13 on canvas
*Final price includes 9.25% sales tax*
**Please contact me directly for additional information regarding purchasing any other images    viewed on my site / or questions regarding, Medium Options, Size Options and Price.
Home Sales Gallery
Cabana Views 12x18 on canvas Olive Harvest--Print on Acrylic Mustard Pana 9x22 on canvas Red Barn & Mustard 7X7 on canvas Oaks & Rows 11x14 on canvas Staged Vineyards 11x14 on canvas
Cabana Views 11x14 on Canvas
Oaks & Rows 11x14
Oaks & Rows 16x20
Olive Harvest -Print on Acrylic $40
Staged Vineyards on canvas 11x14
Painted Grapes on canvas
Cabana Views on Canvas 7x7
Rainbow Chardonnay on canvas
Mustard Pana on canvas 9x22
12x12 Sunflowers on Metal 12x18 Brushed Sunflowers on Metal 16x20 Wood framed Vineyard Scenes  (price is for one) Calistoga Vineyard in Spring 30x40 on canvas
Calistoga Spring Vineyard 30x40 on canvas
Squared Flowers 12x12 on Metal
Dry Brushed Sunflowers 12x18 on Metal Metal
Wood Framed Vineyard Scenes 16x20